March 18th, 2008

userpics, Democrat

Oklahoma State Symbols

State bird: Scissortail flycatcher 

State tree: Eastern Redbud 

State mammal: American Bison 

State beverage: Milk 

State game bird: Wild Turkey 

State asshole: State Rep. Sally Kern

State fish: Sandbass 

State floral emblem: Mistletoe 

State flower: Oklahoma Rose 

State wildflower: Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchellum) 

State grass: Indiangrass (Sorghastrum nutans) 

State fossil: Saurophaganax maximus (An Allosaurid Dinosaur)[180] 

State rock: Rose rock 

State insect: Honeybee 

State soil: Port Silt Loam 

State reptile: Collared Lizard 

State amphibian: Bullfrog 

State meal: fried okra, squash, cornbread, barbecue pork, biscuits, sausage and gravy, grits, corn, strawberries, chicken fried 
steak, pecan pie, and black-eyed peas. 

State folk dance: Square Dance 

State percussive instrument: drum 

State waltz: Oklahoma Wind 

State butterfly: Black Swallowtail 

State song: "Oklahoma!"